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Gin-Co Tea is for when you are sick?

Gin-co Tea is made to a base of black tea with Ginger and coriander, by using daily twice a day as your normal tea or supplement tea , will enhance your resistance to day to day health changers due to weather changing patens, fatigue, ect.

Is it ok for Feeding mothers to use Shape-up and Tammy?

It is recommended that Shape-up and Tammy should be used 6 months after Child birth (After 6 months of feeding a new borne).

Can be used with other medicine?

You could use as a supplement products. Eg: Diabe Tea classic can be Used as supplement product to enhance and maintain Health condition. Shape-up Tea to reduce fat and to maintain the figure, Tammy Tea to reduce and maintain Tammy conditions.

When should we use the products?, Is there any Specific TIME?

Could be used at any time, Other than specified instruction given. Some products such as Shape ?up and Tammy recommended to be taken after meals.

How long the product should be used

To achieve desire results it is recommended to use twice daily for 12 weeks, and to continue regular using as a supplementary item to achieve and maintain results achieved.

Can we use two products at the same time?

You could use any products at the same time, as per the instruction given for each product.

What the base of FADNA products?

Herbal and Natural ingredients are used for all products, with black and green tea as base for or some products. All products are approved by the department of Ayruvade.