Diabe Tea


FADNA Diabe Tea is a herbal tea based on indigenous medicines dating 4000 years back from the time of King Rawana. FADNA has taken its time to enhance and refine Diabe Tea with the help of modern technology, further research keeping the essence and purity of its tradition thus ensuring its effectiveness and consistency.
FADNA Diabe Tea is packed in tea bags without using any chemicals, makes a simple and pleasant beverage for everyday drink According to Ayurveda FADNA Diabe Tea offers many therapeutic values, including controlling sugar disorders. The scientific report submitted at the 5th Asian Congress of Diabetics in Thailand confirms the efficacy claimed for Fadna Diabe Tea and proved that it will not have any undue damage to the kidney and liver.

Key Benefits

Other Benefits

Extremely beneficial in lowering the blood and Urine levels. Results would be experienced within a period of 10 days.


Counters blood disorders Found useful in the treatment of alcoholism. An effective antidote in early stages of diarrhoea. Guarantees natural well being.

FADNA Diabe Tea is uncompromisingly true to nature and is completely free from artificial additives and can be consumed without a prescription. A blood test after 10 days to ascertain the drop in blood and urine sugar assists one in determining the dosage required thereafter in maintaining the benefits earned.


A recent research completed by the Bio Science Department of the Medical Faculty of the University of Sri Jayawardenapura, confirms the efficacy claimed for FADNA Diabe herbal tea and that there are no known side effects.  The parallel research conducted by the Research Institute of Ayurvedha further confirms that the consumption of FADNA Diabe Tea reduces the need to urinate and and prevents excessive perspiration.


Mrs. Camela Peris, from Nawala who enjoys the benefits of Diabe Tea added
"It is an excellent product ever I used. It keeps my sugar level well. I take it once a day and it actually helps to keep good health".

Mrs. Perera, from Moratuwa who witness­es the benefits elaborat­ed
"I'm now 84 years old and suffering from dia­betes. I take it two times a day on an empty stomach and go on my normal routine unhindered. I have taken so many kinds of tablets but they wouldn't reduce the sugar level as much reduced by Diabe tea".


Mr. R. George a teacher supportively says
"The effect of Diabe tea is unbelievable and fantastic. I don't know why others are not taking this heavenly gift. If you begin to use this you would wit­ness an immediate difference as I, who had a high level diabetes".

Mrs. Vinitha Ranjani from Maharagama added
"It is an admirable production and we can use it in a conducive way as it is in tea bag form. Above all, my sugar level which was between 150-160 has now reduced to 86 points. That is why I appreciate the product".